Creating An Insane Amount Of Content In A Small Amount Of Time

If you saw yesterday’s Drive you have heard me mention that we’re doing a lot of filming yesterday and today.

Yesterday didn’t quite go to plan with filming. Put it this way, we have one day today – it’s 8:50am right now, Louis’ got a webinar to do with our clients at 4:00pm and then has to get on a train around about 6:30pm.

Creating An Insane Amount Of Content In A Small Amount Of Time - Dean Holland

So we literally have from 9:00am when we arrive to about 4pm, and in that time we have to create slide presentations and record about 35 / 36 videos for an entire $2,000 certification program.

I don’t know what is going to happen today. The reason we just went to the store is, we need to get everything we need for the entire day right now, so we don’t have to leave the office. We cannot afford to go out for lunch and waste any time later on. So we just had to stop at the store and get some quick microwave meals, some noodles and things.

We’re planning to win… We’re going to get it done… We’ve got to make it happen!

So Today’s Going To Be Wild!

I can’t wait until I can tell you tomorrow, how we got on with this.

Creating An Insane Amount Of Content In A Small Amount Of Time - The Drive E34

But we’ve done some crazy stuff in the past, like we’ve done this 24-hour challenge to come up with an idea for a product, and create it, and make a sale within 24 hours or less.

We did that not long ago. I think this is actually tougher. I think this is going to be a lot tougher. Because of the sheer amount of stuff we’ve got to get done.

Now obviously the good thing is here – the positive – is that we’ve got a whole team. So I haven’t got to personally record and edit the videos – we’ve got Adam who’ll obviously do that. Then we’ve got Chris that can upload them and put them online.

So Louis and I just purely have to focus on getting these videos done. So I want to – it’s probably gonna be quite a helpful thing to share this today – like what is the battle plan to …

Create An Insane Amount Of Content In A Small Amount Of Time

Here’s our plan right. Out of – let’s say we’ve got 35 videos. I don’t know if it’s exactly that but it’s, give or take, about 35 videos. Now of those 35 videos some of them are actually going to be with a PowerPoint presentation where we’re actually going to stand, both of us, presenting and teaching in front of a big 70 inch TV screen on the wall behind us in my training room in the office.

Some of them are in that style – we’ll be on camera with the presentation behind us on the television. And some of them are Louis and I, or individually, stood in front of the whiteboard teaching and drawing things out on the whiteboard in front of the camera.

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So we’ve got…

A Few Different Styles Of Video

And I think maybe a couple of them are purely the screen recorded slideshow presentations – so we’re not on camera ourselves.

But I think, from all the videos we’ve got to do – I think so far we’ve allocated probably at least 28 / 29 / 30 that are all with us in front of the television, going through a presentation whilst teaching on camera. And so what that means is, we have 30 slideshow presentations to prepare.

Our approach is this – because if you’ve ever created any videos in the past, you’ll know…

This Is No Small Challenge We’ve Got Here, This Is Huge!

And these aren’t like ten-second videos. These are cumulatively hours and hours of video. So here’s our plan.

We last night, stayed up til aroundabouts – well just casually while on the sofa watching TV, having dinner, with our laptop by our side – together we have four or five presentations ready to go this morning.

Here’s The Plan…

We’ve got the full presentations ready. We’re going to go in this morning and record those four or five. Whilst Adam is editing them and producing the videos, we will then work on more presentations.

Creating An Insane Amount Of Content In A Small Amount Of Time - The DriveFor example, while he’s editing and producing four, Louis might get two done, I’ll aim to get two done. So then when Adam’s done and they’re rendering, we can shoot four more, then repeat that cycle over and over again.

The idea basically is, is not to spend all day trying to get all the presentations done. Because the truth is then, we might get to the end of the day and we haven’t actually recorded anything, and then Louis would be gone and we wouldn’t be able to do it.

So the approach basically is; get some presentations recorded. While they’re being edited, get some more presentations created, and so on, and so on. Until hopefully, we’ve done that about eight times and we get to four o’clock this afternoon and we’ve done everything.

So I will let you know tomorrow how we get on. But…

This Is The Big Content Challenge!

35 videos, seven hours (or probably six hours). Let’s see what we can do.

Without further ado, we haven’t got time to waste. The big content challenge is on.

Let’s see how we how we create mass amounts of content in a short amount of time. And I’ll tell you tomorrow how we get on in Sometimes In Business, Things Take Longer Than Expected.

So thanks for joining us on this journey. Take care, see you later guys.

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