Affiliate Marketing Tutorial For Beginners | $700 per day blueprint

In this video I show I make $ 700.- per day through Affiliate Marketing and how you can start making money through Affiliate Marketing in 2019. First I explain what Affiliate Marketing is and after that I tell you more about it while I show you how much I make with the products I promote. My goal is not to impress you but to impress upon you that you still can start to make money online in 2019!


I am not a sales man or a great marketer. What I did was adding value to other peoples lives by creating tutorials about products that I can promote through Affiliate Marketing.

When I have showed you some numbers I tell you more about affiliate marketing. And not only the great and fun stuff. Also the hard work part. You can be successful with affiliate marketing. But it does not come overnight without any effort. You need to work hard in order achieve things with affiliate marketing. But when you start to make money it becomes easier and easier.

When I promote something new the sales start fast. That is because I am doing this for 4 years now. But don’t focus on making money. Focus on helping other people!

Maybe you can do something in the area where you got stuck in the internet. Maybe you had a problem on your computer, or with certain software and you finally found a solution. How great would it be if you would help others that could have to same problem to show them the solution. And now and then you create a video, podcast or blogpost around an affiliate product.

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Matthew Brewin

Hey, name's Matt. I'm a blogger on, Certified Digital Marketer, and Partner at Internet Profits Ltd.