Clickbank For Beginners 2019

Clickbank For Beginners 2019


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In this video called “clickbank for beginners” I teach you everything you need to know about clickbank marketing and traffic generation.

I firmly believe that if you watch this “clickbank for beginners” video right to the end, you will skip all the frustration and overload information on the internet, and have a straight path to clickbank success without having to watch another video to get your questions answered.

When I got started online, I didn’t know what was clickbank, I though it was something to do with online banking, so because this video is named clickbank for beginners, I have decided to share everything even the definition of each step.

Clickbank is a digital market place where you could chose a product and promote it online, for every sale you bring, clickbank will pay you a certain percentage.

Clickbank is one the best and easiest way to get started as an affiliate because you don’t need any website or technical skills for this.

In the above video, I share how to chose the right product, how to spy on the product so we could create targeted campaigns.

When it comes to choosing a product, it is very important that you look for the highest gravity, people normally look at the commissions, this is not the right way.

Clickbank gravity means how many successful affiliates got paid in the last 30 days promoting this, higher the number means more competition which means more money to be made.

Once you have selected your product, now it’s time to spy on the traffic, for this watch the above clickbank for beginners training video, I share the tools and resources.

After you have used the tool, now it’s time to drive traffic, this means you need to get real human eye balls to the affiliate link you’re promoting.

But before we do this, we have to take another extra important step, and that is creating a funnel that will allow us to capture the customers emails address so we could market over and over again.

For this purpose I recommend clickfunnels because it’s Drag & Drop easy to use with ready made templates, Watch the above video right to the end because you’ll learn step by step over the shoulder on how to create a high converting funnel using this Drag & Drop software.

To get your FREE 14 day clickfunnel account.

By the way, I’m also giving you my best converting funnel for this purpose as a value viewer and subscriber.

Once your funnel is ready, now integrate it with Aweber, more training on this is within the clickbank for beginners video, must watch to the end.

To get your AWEBER trial. GO HERE

Create a list, sign up form and minimum 7 email follow up series to get the best results, you could get this from the product affiliate JV page, once done, start driving quality traffic using the free and paid methods I have shared in the above clickbank video.

I recommend getting started with solo ads and focusing to get up to 10,000 subscribers, My NO 1 solo ads source is UDIMI, you could create your free account here:

So this was it, a complete clickbank for beginners training to help every clickbank affiliate crush it online.

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Clickbank For Beginners 2019

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