How Steve Raiken Made $108k With Affiliate Marketing In Less Than 7 Days!


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While I was at the Traffic and Conversion Summit in San Diego I got the opportunity to interview Steve Raiken about how he made $108k with affiliate marketing in less than 7 days!

Steve Raiken has an incredible success story. It wasn’t long ago that Steve wasΒ waiting tables at a restaurant and making $15,000 per year. He is also one of the members in my Affiliate Marketing Mastery course!

Fast forward five years, he is now making $108k per monthΒ with profit margins at over 90%. Are you ready to learn Steve’s secrets for how he built a successful affiliate marketing business?

Questions I Asked:

How did you get started with affiliate marketing? (1:20)
What is your advice for people who have a fear of putting themselves out there? (3:15)
What is your strategy for promoting other people’s products? (4:44)
How did my Affiliate Marketing Mastery course help you grow your business? (9:18)
When it comes to bonuses, what do you offer to people? (10:34)
What are some key beliefs that have contributed to your success? (12:34)
What do you think prevents people from starting an online business? (14:30)
What benefit did my receive from my recent exclusive Mastermind Group in Los Angeles? (18:27)
How important do you think investing in yourself is when it comes to creating success in life? (20:06)
What advice do you have for someone who is eager to create a laptop lifestyle? (22:06)


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How Steve Raiken Made $108k With Affiliate Marketing In Less Than 7 Days!

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