Make $1,524 Per Month Just Reading

can you make money just reading?

in this video marcus will answer that question by showing you 5 ways to make money reading.

#5 is diabolical and you are gonna love it.

some of the ways to make money reading include:

1. Read And Review Books Online (book browse, online book club, kirkus)
upside… easy… read book write review… downside LOT of reading… little pay

2. Reading On Tape (audible, fiverr, ACX)
get up to $80 per hour or more… downside… gotta work more to get paid

3. Create A Topic Blog About What You Learn (summaries, education, ect)
make passive income, takes a while to setup, LOTS of reading required

4. Create A Book Review Blog (find books in a specific topic and review them)
lots of blogging, lots of reading, long term play, somewhat competetive

5. Create Content Snippit Videos (my favorite)

getting paid to read on tape
affiliate marketing
youtube videos
and more

watch this video and learn a super simple way to start making money online.

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