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I’ve been a full-time blogger / travel vlogger for 9 years and transformed myself into a full-time travel blogger in the past 3 years. I will teach you how to create a website, build a brand and get you setup on the path to getting paid to travel. When I first started out in 2016, I didn’t have a clue about how to take a decent photo and forget about shooting video. Today, I’m proud to say I’m halfway decent as a photographer and videographer and have racked up 800k followers on social and 1.5 million views on YouTube.

// How Much Money Can You Make As a Travel Blogger?

Since starting my travel influencer account, I’ve earned more than $200,000 from a combination of affiliate commission, paid sponsors, adsense and selling my own products. This is definitely a career that if you work hard and build yourself up, you can easily quit your job and live your dreams.

// How to Make a Blog [2019] Focused on Travel Blogging

My advice for any new website is to use WordPress. First of all, it’s free, unlike SquareSpace which costs money to use and locks you into their hosting provider. With a WordPress website, you can move it to any hosting provider (whether it be Bluehost or Hostgator when you first start out) or WPEngine when you really grow your blog and have a ton of traffic.

// How to Start a Blog and Become a Full Time Blogger

Setting up your first website should take no more than 15 minutes. Your steps are:

Pick your domain name
Sign up for your hosting plan
Install WordPress
Install your theme
Start blogging
Setup your blog here for just $3.95:

// How to Write a Travel Blog

The really daunting task is shooting good photos and videos and telling stories as a travel blogger. I started out blogging not knowing a thing about how to shoot photos or videos but thanks to Youtube, I was able to teach myself everything I needed to learn. I suggest you do the same thing, start searching on YouTube and teach yourself.

In this video, I walk you through exactly what my steps are to starting and making money with your own travel blog.

I’ve tried almost every possible Monetization strategy and these are my proven methods that work for me:

Affiliate marketing where you get paid a commission for selling something
Paid advertisements like Crest paying me to review their white strips
Adsense revenue which I get from people watching this video and clicking on ads on my website
Freelancing: taking photos, building websites or providing consulting to small businesses
Selling a product: I have a style guide I created last year and it sells a couple of copies every month

// my proven techniques as a full time travel blogger

// find your speciality
– Say you want to be a travel blogger, what’s one thing you’ll bring on every trip that everyone needs? A great bag. Imagine you took a different bag on every trip and reviewed it as part of the vlog. I guarantee you’d be one of the few experts reviewing just bags and you’d be able to corner the market. And when you do your videos, it would be really hard for someone like me or anyone else to copy your knowledge base and expertise
– Besides travel bags you could also focus on bug spray, sunscreen, backup batteries, etc find something you’re interested in and own it

// This will be hard, but follow these tips to ensure you succeed

If you need any help creating your website and starting your travel vlog, let me know in the comments, I reply to every single one.

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// Best Vlogging Kit for Beginners
Best Starter Vlogging Camera: Canon 60D:
Best Vlogging Lens: Canon 10-22mm 3.5:
High-End 4K Camera for Photo/Video: Canon 5D Mark IV:
High-End Zoom Lens for Photo/Video/B-roll: Canon 24m-70mm 2.8 II:

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