CELEBRITY Explains Why EGO Is The Enemy & The DANGERS OF FAME | Rachel Platten & Lewis Howes

Rachel Platten is the Emmy Award-winning singer-songwriter behind such hits as “Fight Song” and “Stand By You.” She is a powerful and emotional songwriter, and her music has inspired millions of people to stay strong and fight through even the toughest circumstances.

Rachel released her first two albums, Trust In Me and Be Here independently, but in 2015 she signed with Columbia Records and debuted her first single, “Fight Song,” which became the official anthem of Hilary Clinton’s 2016 Democratic presidential campaign. She also won a Daytime Emmy Award for her live performance of “Fight Song” on Good Morning America.

Rachel was born in New York City and raised in Newton Centre, Massachusetts. She began her musical career early by starting piano lessons at age five, and in high school, she picked up the guitar. After graduating from college in 2003, she moved to Greenwich Village and began performing with a Prince and Sly and the Family Stone cover band called Dayz of Wild. She also started performing her solo music and eventually started touring with her own music.

In 2010, Rachel married her husband, Kevin, and in 2018, they announced they were expecting a girl. In January 2019, she gave birth to Violet Skye Lazan, and she’s been rocking both the stage and motherhood ever since.

Rachel has faced her share of challenges on her way to the top. She understands the hardships of trying to generate traction around her music and continuing to be a working musician and a new mother at the same time. Her story is inspiring, and I absolutely loved talking to her — I know you’ll love this episode, too! If you’re ready to learn how to tackle the challenges of mental health, motherhood, fame, and success, join me on Episode 1,028 with Rachel Platten!

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