DOCTOR FACT-CHECKS Media On Coronavirus, Healthcare & Shares How To STAY HEALTHY|Doctor Mike & Lewis

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Dr. Mike is a board-certified family medicine doctor practicing in the New York City area, and he’s also a social media superstar, with more than 10 million followers and half a BILLION YouTube views. Doctor Mike’s mission is to serve and educate people, to dispel medical myths, and help people live healthy, happy lives. And in the process, he’s managed to crack the code for making health information entertaining.

Dr. Mike is committed to giving you verified information and debunking health myths we see every day on the internet, and right now during this global pandemic, there is a huge amount of information out there that is misleading. We need educated and good-hearted people like Dr. Mike helping us navigate through these times, and I’m so excited for you to learn from him today!

Please share any new insight that you learn from this interview on health with your friends, family, and social media network! We got to get the good information out there, people!

But for now, join me on Episode 968 to learn about the danger of health myths, the newest COVID-19 information, and how to self-heal with the incredible Dr. Mike!

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