DOCTOR REVEALS Foods That Are KILLING YOU & The Secret For LIVING LONGER |Dr. Rhonda Patrick & Lewis

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My guest today takes a more nuanced view of things, but she agrees that what you put into your body is foundational to your well-being, and there is no happiness without health.

Dr. Rhonda Patrick has a Ph.D. in biomedical science and has done extensive research on nutrition, aging, stress, and cancer. She trained as a postdoctoral fellow at Children’s Hospital Oakland Research Institute and has investigated the effects of micronutrient (vitamins and minerals) inadequacies on metabolism, inflammation, DNA damage, and aging and whether supplementation can reverse the damage. In addition, she also investigated the role of vitamin D in brain function, behavior, and other physiological functions.

Dr. Patrick frequently engages the public on topics including the role micronutrient deficiencies play in diseases of aging and the benefits of exposing the body to hormetic stressors, such as through exercise, fasting, sauna use or heat stress, or various forms of cold exposure. It is Dr. Patrick’s goal to challenge the status quo and encourage the wider public to think about health and longevity using a proactive, preventative approach.

I had the pleasure of finally sitting down with Dr. Rhonda Patrick, and she’s honestly one of the smartest people I have ever interviewed. We covered so much ground in our conversation, and she finds a relatable way to explain important science that can change your life. Knowledge is power, and I now feel much more well-equipped to make choices about what I eat and how I live.

Join me on Episode 967 to learn how to live longer, be happier, and eat healthier with the incredible Dr. Rhonda Patrick

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