How To DEAL WITH HATE & See Past Your PERSPECTIVE In Order To FIND TRUTH | Dave Rubin & Lewi Howes

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If you don’t know Dave, he’s a political commentator and comedian and the host of the Rubin Report on YouTube (and wherever you got your podcasts). He’s committed to, in his own words, free speech and big ideas, and his iconoclastic thinking has often made him the source of controversy.

Dave’s journey from a left-leaning progressive to a free-thinking classical liberal has been quite an adventure. As a gay married man living in America, Dave spent the majority of his adult life subscribing to a certain political belief system. Fed up with the mainstream media narrative and click-bait news, Dave decided to open up about his awakening for all to see. He realized that no person or idea should be expected to join a side, but rather they should embrace their status as an individual.

Dave’s background as a stand-up comedian, his degree in political science, and his willingness to listen without fighting has uniquely positioned him to tackle big ideas and uncomfortable truths with thought leaders from both sides of the aisle. His show The Rubin Report aims to create civil discourse with people who disagree with each other. He aims to host a dialogue with others where ideas aren’t judged before people have the chance to explain.

Dave was recently touring with Jordan Peterson, who came on The School of Greatness for an amazing two-part interview last year. If you liked those podcasts, you’ll definitely like this.

Join me on Episode 959 to learn how to deal with backlash, find your truth, and live in gratitude with Dave Rubin!

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