If You STRUGGLE With Self-Doubt WATCH THIS! | Rachel Hollis & Lewis Howes

Rachel Hollis is a mother of four and was named one of the “Top 30 Entrepreneurs Under 30” by Inc. Magazine. She also has a podcast out called RISE in which she talks with business owners and community leaders about how to improve your life and career. Rachel is an incredible example of following your dreams and not giving up.

Like myself, Rachel struggled with the fear of judgment. The opinions of others controlled her decisions and she lost sight of what she truly wanted. After writing several fiction books and working for over a decade on herself and her career, Rachel finally said enough is enough and took ownership of who she was.

Her life changed with one viral post that created the momentum for her bestselling book: An Instagram post of her in a bikini — “stretch marks and all.” She was proud of her body, including the imperfections, because it was her body and she loved it. It was the first time Rachel saw the power of being yourself and showing all of it – not just the pretty, picture-perfect stuff.

As a result, her seventh book, Girl, Wash Your Face, became a hit. In her book, Rachel tells women everywhere that they should stop believing lies that try to define them and start living as who they actually are. The book has been a massive success and has sold over a million copies (and counting!). She also released another bestseller, Girl, Stop Apologizing, which was also a massive success! And now, she’s out with a book that we can really all benefit from: Didn’t See That Coming is all about how to handle the unexpected and build your world back together after it falls apart.

Do you feel like your life has fallen apart? Do your dreams seem even farther away? If so, then get ready to be inspired by this incredible woman who proves that anyone can achieve anything.

Join me on Episode 1,048 to learn how to manifest success, overcome guilt, and manage negative feedback with the one and only Rachel Hollis!

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