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In addition to having incredible hair, James Altucher is an American hedge fund manager, entrepreneur, author, venture capitalist, and podcaster. He has published 20 books, and he is a contributor to publications including The Financial Times and The Huffington Post. He is also the host of The James Altucher Show in which he interviews innovators, creators, and just all-around amazing people. James has founded or cofounded more than 20 companies, 17 of which have failed, but he hasn’t let this slow him down.

Failure is a big part of James’ story. In fact, I believe that anyone who is remotely successful has probably experienced an extraordinary amount of failure in their life. Why? Because overcoming failure is a step towards success.

At one point, James lost almost all his money. He was completely broke. He had less than two hundred dollars in his bank account. But somehow, he was able to build his business back up, and change that two hundred dollars into fifteen million.

Want to learn his secret? Then tune into Episode 922 and get ready to be blown away by entrepreneur, author, and hair inspiration, James Altucher.

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