Jay Shetty's 7 Ultimate Life Lessons For STUDENTS & YOUNG PEOPLE | Lewis Howes

Jay Shetty grew up thinking he would he an art director and loved design. As a teenager he was a troublemaker. He never would have thought his life of drugs and stealing cars would turn into the life of a monk.

He made it to college and did well, but as soon as he graduated, he decided to go to India to spend three years studying how to find inner peace with monks.

After three years Jay was asked to leave the monk hood. He was told he could do more good sharing to the world than staying in the monastery.

Heartbroken, Jay left and eventually found the power of YouTube. He has gained amazing international success sharing the lessons he’s learned from his time as a monk teaching ancient wisdom on modern platforms.

You will be surprised at how much of these lessons don’t just apply to life but also to business.

He’s mastered the power of video marketing and storytelling and on this episode, he shared his insights on how to create powerful impact with media. We discussed the lessons he learned from spending time as a monk, what motivates people to take action, and how to find your purpose in the world.

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