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Randy Jackson is a music industry veteran, television producer, author, and entrepreneur. He has recorded music on multiple albums for bands and artists like Journey, Maze, and Kenny G, and has excelled in his own musical career as a bassist and a singer. Starting in 2002, he became a famous television personality as a judge on the popular singing competition American Idol.

Sharing his secrets of success, Jackson wrote the 2004 book What’s Up Dawg?: How to Become a Superstar in the Music Business. He became an executive producer for America’s Best Dance Crew, which premiered in 2008 and lasted 8 seasons.

In 1999, Randy found out he had type 2 diabetes. He had no choice but to divorce his current lifestyle. He changed his diet and exercise routine and underwent gastric-bypass surgery in 2003 which led to him losing 100-pounds.

Randy is a real person. He doesn’t be who you want him to be – he is who is. He embraces his differences, follows his passions, and is not afraid of change.

So get excited and join me on Episode 907 to learn from the musical legend himself, Randy Jackson.

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