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If anyone has mastered their mind, it’s extreme athlete Wim Hof. Wim Hof got his nickname “The Iceman” by breaking a number of records related to cold exposure. His feats include climbing Mount Kilimanjaro in shorts, running a half marathon above the Arctic Circle on his bare feet, and standing in a container while covered with ice cubes for more than 112 minutes. He developed the Wim Hof Method: a natural path to an optimal state of body and mind.

He says that our brains have the power to guarantee us happiness, strength, and health. We can actually regulate our mind and the autonomous nervous system by breathing and being present. I had the incredible opportunity to travel to Poland along with several other top entrepreneurs and business owners to experience a week with Wim Hof that I will never forget.

As a group, we participated in several different exercises. Some involved meditation and breathing and others involved enduring intense cold and ice water challenges. On this trip, we all learned about the importance of brotherhood. Some of the physical challenges would have been unbearable if we were going at it alone. We all had each other to encourage, to motivate, and to push.

We’ve all been in a place, where we think, “I can’t do this anymore.” That’s a mindset roadblock that we were taught to overcome. Often in the midst of being uncomfortable, our minds and bodies panic. Our top priority is becoming comfortable again. But this is not often the correct way to deal with stress or pain.

The mind is powerful, and if you teach it to avoid pain, then you’ll never reach your full potential. If anyone has mastered the art of being uncomfortable while releasing stress, it’s Wim Hof. He gave all of us an experience we will never forget.

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