The 5 REASONS Why SLEEP Is More Important Than DIET | Shawn Stevenson & Lewis Howes

I’m going to take a wild guess that you already know that sleep affects how well you function.

You’re also probably aware that sleep quality is part of the equation (not just quantity).

But did you realize that what time of day you go to bed, what you do for the two hours leading up to that, and what you do when you wake up have a big impact on your sleep?

Because I’m obsessed with learning how to optimize everything for greatness that I can, I’ve started paying more attention to the little habits in my life that can have big results.

Shawn is not only a sleep expert and best-selling author, but he has spent the last ten plus years studying how to optimize all parts of your daily routine to help you function at maximum capacity.

He is a fountain of knowledge about everything from eating right to setting up your bedroom to how sex affects sleep!

I asked him a ton of questions and he gave helpful answers to all of them.

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