The 8 SECRETS To Age In Reverse & LIVE LONGER Today! | David Sinclair & Lewis Howes

If you live old enough, you’re probably going to get cancer, because that’s what eventually happens right? Something in your body is inevitably going to go wrong – whether it be your lungs, your bones, or your heart. Along with old age comes a motherload of other problems, and doctors and researchers are working around the clock to find a way to fix them. Great progress has been made in cancer research and the treatment of other diseases.

But Dr. David Sinclair has a unique perspective. What is the cause of most of these diseases?

“The main reason all these diseases occur is that our bodies are aging.” – David Sinclair

Instead of focusing on diseases specifically, David chose to focus on the cause of most diseases (aging) and figure out how this process can be slowed or even reversed. Dr. Sinclair explains that we all have built-in-defense against aging, which are called “longevity genes.” We can activate these genes in our lives by doing certain and relatively simple things!

I’m not a science guy, but David breaks it all down in this interview. Basically, there are seven specific sirtuins (proteins) that help regulate cellular health and fight against disease, stress, and aging. Dr. Sinclair describes them as traffic cops that help the body fend against adversity.

In his lab, David is constantly testing and experimenting, trying to find the most effective ways to “activate” these genes in life forms. He works with mice, but unlike most labs, his main focus is to make the rats healthier and live longer. He’s driven by the question, not the technology. And the question is “why do we age and what can we do about it?”

Dr. David Sinclair breaks it all down into five simple steps that almost anyone can do.

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