The last 12 Years of My Life in Minutes – Grant Cardone

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In my life time I have experienced many recessions. When I was 25 years old starting out my sales career it was during a time a recession. In 1998 I experienced the bank bail outs while I was starting off my first business. In 2008 I nearly lost everything when the stock market crashed. The thing I have learned while going through these times is that the marketplace will discipline the undisciplined.

These recessions have been the biggest gifts I have ever had in my career….. Watch this video!

The amount of actions you took yesterday will be the sum total of your financial situation today, and the actions you take today will define your survival for the future.

We will get through this. The question is in what condition will you be in when you get out of this.

Be Great, Nothing Else Pays
– GC

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