Robin Sharma is a true icon. In his career, he has worked with everyone from business leaders to sports superstars. You may have heard of companies like Nike, GE, Coca-Cola, NASA, and Microsoft — Robin Sharma has coached them all. He’s here to serve the world and teach us all how we can be great.

Beyond being an excellent coach, Robin Sharma’s books have influenced millions of people to become their highest selves. His bestselling book The 5 AM Club is an incredible testament to over 20 years working, leading, and serving with love and wisdom.

But Robin didn’t start out as the genius and masterful teacher he is today. Way back in the 90s, he was working as a litigation lawyer. He went to work day in and day out, but eventually, he realized something was missing. Every time he looked in the mirror, he wasn’t happy with the face that was staring back at him.

So he decided to change his life. He left his job and went on a journey to research and meet as many great men and women as possible. He learned about everyone from Shakespeare to Joan of Arc to Nelson Mandela, taking as much wisdom as possible and growing into a man who could be a cultural icon.

Out of that experience, Robin self-published his first book, The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari, which went on to become a #1 bestseller. Robin started giving seminars on the book — his first-ever seminar had an audience of 23 people, 21 of whom were family — and from there, he worked to steadily grow his reach and serve more people with his message of self-awareness and greatness.

Today, Robin Sharma’s podcast, The Mastery Sessions, reaches tons of new listeners every day. Robin continues his work coaching and teaching millions of people to level-up their lives and be as great as possible.

I interviewed Robin back on Episode 754, so be sure to check out that interview after listening to this one! Robin has so many tools, tips, and strategies that you can start using to change your life for the better!

Join me on Episode 988 to learn about the morning routine of millionaires, superstars, and history’s greatest geniuses with Robin Sharma!

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