Therapist EXPLAINS Why Relationships Fail & How To IMPROVE THEM TODAY | Lori Gottlieb & Lewis Howes

Lori Gottlieb is a renowned psychotherapist who writes the weekly “Dear Therapist” column in the Atlantic. And now, she’s out with a New York Times Best-Selling Book called Maybe You Should Talk to Someone, which weaves Lori’s experience doling out advice with her decision to seek counseling herself. This book is also being adapted as television series, so stay tuned for that!

In addition to her clinical practice, she writes The Atlantic’s weekly “Dear Therapist” advice column and contributes regularly to The New York Times and many other publications. Her recent TED Talk is one of the top 10 most-watched of the year.

As a member of the Advisory Council for Bring Change to Mind and advisor to the Aspen Institute, she is a sought-after expert in media such as The Today Show, Good Morning America, The CBS This Morning, CNN, and NPR’s “Fresh Air.” She is also the co-host of the new iHeart Radio podcast, “Dear Therapists,” produced by Katie Couric.

I’ve wanted to have Lori on this podcast for a long time now, and we had an amazing, wide-ranging discussion on how her decades of wisdom can translate to a better life. You’re not gonna want to miss this one!

Join me on Episode 1,013 to learn how to overcome shame, process negative pain, and maximize your mental health with Lori Gottlieb!

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