THERAPIST SHARES The 4 Step Process For CURING LONELINESS & Finding HAPPINESS| Kati Morton & Lewis H

Kati Morton is a clinical psychologist, a licensed marriage and family therapist, and a viral YouTube personality whose mission is to decrease the stigma around mental health issues. Kati runs a private practice in Santa Monica, CA, and over the past eight years, Kati has leveraged social media to share mental health information worldwide through video.

Kati is well known for her YouTube channel which now has over 948 thousand subscribers, over 74.5 million views! In addition to her YouTube channel and strong presence on social media, she has made several TV appearances and appeared in Europe’s highest circulated magazine, Glamour UK.

Kati’s first book, Are u ok?: A Guide to Caring for Your Mental Health, is a mental health guide for millennials. She’s also the host of the new podcast Ask Kati Anything where she answers all of your questions about anxiety, depression, insecurity, self-doubt, and more. Her passion is to increase awareness about mental health, and she hopes by doing this, the global community can push for better services worldwide and remove the stigma associated with getting help.

It was such a joy talking with Kati, and we cover so much wisdom in this important interview. Please share this episode with someone who needs to hear it! And remember: You don’t have to sit in loneliness, depression, and anxiety all by yourself. There is nothing braver than asking for help.

Join me on Episode 989 to learn how to defeat loneliness and learn to love yourself with Kati Morton!

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