WHITNEY TILSON: How To Profit From The Electric Car & Autonomous Driving Revolution (It's NOT Tesla)

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Whitney Tilson is an American investor, author and founder of Empire Financial Research.
After graduating top of his class at Harvard Business School, he started his own hedge fund and grew it to over two hundred million dollars, by becoming an expert in finding undervalued stocks and investments. In fact his calls have been so prescient, that CNBC once nicknamed him “The Prophet”.

Tilson is also one of the most connected men on Wall Street, having met with Warren Buffett, Presidents Bill Clinton and Barack Obama, and an extensive list of Wall Street insiders.

Today his Empire Investment Report is one of the most sought out pieces of investment advice today, coming from the man who predicted the dot-com crash, the market bottom in 2008, the housing bust, and the bubbles in bitcoin, pot stocks, and 3-D printing.


TWITTER: https://twitter.com/whitneytilson
WEBSITE: https://www.tilsonfunds.com/

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