How I Built A $2.5M/Year Passive Income Business From Zero

Is passive income real? Is it actually possible to build a passive income business that will fuel the life of your dreams?

In this video, I’ll be covering exactly how I built a $2.5 million/year passive income business from zero in the span of about 2.5 years.

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I had always dreamed of living a life of freedom – of no limits.

My parents had immigrated from the post Soviet Union and we had to fight to survive. Typical of the immigrant story, they sacrificed and risked everything just so their kids could have a better life in a new land.

Soon after I got my first corporate world job working at a bank at the age of 21, I became miserable…

And I started to wondering – is this all life really is? Sitting down in a depressing cubicle punching numbers away for 40-50 years?

One thing hit me – my parents retirement. They had nothing saved after working their entire life.

I knew that it was entirely up to me to be able to provide for my parents retirement and to make sure that they were well taken care of… However, I couldn’t see that happening making $40-60,000/year working my corporate job in Toronto Canada.

In fact, I could barely even see myself being able to pay off my OWN STUDENT DEBT!

So I dropped EVERYTHING – left my corporate job, dropped out of school, all in pursuit of a life of freedom, of self reliance and of no limits.

I found out about selling on Amazon FBA shortly after, and 3 months after I did – I went from making $40,000/year to making $30,000/month, and soon after $40,000/month.

I went from making my salary in a year to making the same exact salary in a month. And over the following 2-3 years up until now, I’ve managed to build an online business empire in eCommerce and online education.

I’ve been able to help over 5,000+ people change their lives and start successful online businesses with Shopify and Amazon FBA, and the number is growing every day.

If you’re wondering what the best way for YOU to start making passive income is…

1) Amazon FBA
2) Shopify Dropshipping

Both of these business models changed my life and if I was starting from nothing today, those are the exact same ones I’d be pursuing because they have the most amount of potential.

– Fully passive
– No client headaches
– No ‘gambling’ or rolling the roulette like in Bitcoin or stocks
– Ability to build a REAL worldwide business and brand.

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