How To Make Money Online Does Passive Income Really Work?

Making Money Online: Does Passive Income Really Work?
Passive Income is a popular topic right now, but a lot of people are skeptics or think is passive income real? So is Passive Income a Scam? Or is Passive income a real way to make money online?

As someone making Passive Income through YouTube, Affiliate Marketing, Merchandise, Blogging and other Passive Revenue streams, I can give you some insight on how you can approach Passive Income, how you can think about it in terms of mindset, and whether or not you can expect to make a living from it.

Some will tell you that Making Money Online is a pipe dream, or that its a dangerous fantasy. They will preach constantly that you should grind away at your job 9 to 5 and hold out for a pension.

What they don’t tell is that most of the large and medium sized companies in the world… probably including the one you work for… is probably making Passive Income right now.

That’s right, Corporations make Passive Income work every single day. It’s not just the one in a million loan wolves and the internet savvy doing it. In fact Passive Income may be a popular topic now, but it is nothing new.

Every video production company, publishing house, web hosting company and many types of businesses too numerous to name, are making passive income through their licensing of intellectual property, sales of intellectual property or digital downloads and their royalties. There are several ways you make earn Passive Income as well, you just have to start thinking of it in the right way.

Passive Income can provide you with multiple revenue streams, especially when it comes to making money online. You can use online advertising like Google Adsense to make Passive Income or you could use Affiliate Marketing through Ebay or Amazon.

You could Resell Web Hosting through Blue Host or 1and1 or Godaddy. You could also write an Ebook or Create an Ecourse. You could even make print on demand products to sell online and generate passive income that way.

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from Pat Flynn

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