Is This Really True Passive Income Online? Millionaire Millennial Said What?!?

The Millionaire Millennial has some great ideas on how to make passive income but I’ve got one big gripe about his video. I’ll share his six favorite passive income ideas, what I think about each and how to set them up in this reaction video.

I’ll also reveal two more passive income sources Jordan missed in his video, two income streams that can generate thousands a month and that anyone can start.

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I agree…mostly with Millionaire Millennial’s passive income ideas but wanted to go a step further with this video. I wanted to give you the resources and process to actually start using some of these residual income ideas and start making money today!

That’s why I wanted to walk through each of Jordan’s favorite ideas, detail them out and point you in the right direction for making money online. Each of these eight income streams can be started in your spare time and most will become passive income within a few short weeks.

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Whether you’re looking for a full-time work from home business or just to make a little extra cash, creating passive income is something everyone needs. Nothing else will help you reach that financial independence as quickly or as surely as generating passive income online through some of these ideas.

Check out the original video, How to Make True Passive Income by the Millionaire Millennial here

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