How SUCCESS Can Come From The DISCIPLINED PURSUIT OF LESS | Greg McKeown & Jay Shetty

Is it possible to get more out of life with less? Jay Shetty sits down with New York Times Bestselling author and business owner, Greg McKeown, to navigate essentialism’s insights.

According to McKeown, essentialism is not about doing more things. It’s about doing more of the right things. If you are overwhelmed with a full plate and caught up in the rat race of life, tune in to this entire episode of ON Purpose to hear Jay Shetty and Greg McKeown discuss the critical aspects of essentialism and how you can apply them to your life.

22:42 – New Beginnings
26:59 – Straddle Strategy
31:19 – Three Tips for Success
38:04 – Creating a Productive Day
44:26 – Defining Essentialism
46:04 – An Exercise on Under Investing
52:02 – The Practice of Anchoring
1:02.19 – Comparing life to a Closet
1:04.14 – Three Practices of Essentialism
1:10.37 – Simplicity
1:15.20 – Fill in the Blanks and Final Five

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