My Hero, Lost. I Miss Him.

Backstage at an event and they asked who my hero was growing up. I shared that, and here’s the 30 questions I asked him before he died:
Life Interview Questions (to ask your loved ones before they are gone):

What didn’t I cover in this 7 minutes? Well, they asked me who “was” my hero growing up. Today, it’s a little different, since Dad is gone. It’s Mom. She was right there, as you see, and still is. She still lives each day with joy and more love than anyone I know. She’s at all of my events, caring for and connecting so many members of our tribe.

I’ve always been blessed with strong and loving women in my life, from my mom and sister, to Linda Ballew my high school journalism teacher, to my incredible wife, Denise. More episodes with their stories coming soon.

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