This Song Has Such A Deep Message (THE CHOSEN ONE) Official Music Video

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“Sometimes you just want to quit…but what if I told you… You are… the chosen one.

Have you ever felt like an outcast?
Fought strong but felt like you’re outclassed?
Defeat is something that you feel when the doubts cast
A shadow to hide all road blocks you’ve got past.
I doubt that you will give up the run
I hear a loud blast and the race has begun
I see a spark strike when you touch the ground
The crowd’s chanting your name, and your focused to hunt that
Number one spot, at the top, at the finish line
If you’re not the best, then you haven’t finished (nah)

Be aware, no one cares if you trip and stop
Actually that makes it easier for them to take the top
Prepared to suffer, you’ll go through any pain
Aim for the win and be relentless, exclaim
That the trophy is going to be in your hands
And in the end engraved will be your name

When the days seem gray, don’t run
Bounce back because you are the chosen one.
Be the change and the light you need,
To be great you got to outsmart all of them.
Just believe and you’ll see that
Planted seeds grow tall when you water them.
Make sure that you think the right way,
You walk the way of the chosen one.”

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