This Song Will Remind You To Never Settle Again! (TODAY IS THE DAY official lyric video)

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It only takes one moment
TODAY is the day
I’ve got to step up and own it
It only takes one decision
One action, one choice and I can have a better living

Each morning when I wake up, soon as my feet hit the floor
I say to myself “The world can be yours”
I’m doing things different,
I’ve set goals before but this time it’s different, I’m fully committed

I want a better life
More happiness, wealth and freedom
New achievements, I want it all
There will be better times
I’ve had my ups and downs
but you can’t learn to fly without taking a fall
And today is my day so I’m taking it all
Inhale, exhale, I’m raising the bar
I used to settle for a bronze medals
but today is the day I take my life to another level

I’ll never settle again
I’ll never settle again
Won’t let things stand in my way
Won’t let things stand in my way
I’ll never settle again
I’ll never settle again
Today is the day
Yeah it’s MY DAY!

Today is the day
The day where things change
This is the next chapter
Turning a new page
It only takes one moment
to change forever
TODAY is the day
The day where things change

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