Walk Alone (The Song) Fearless Motivation

Walk Alone (The Song) Fearless Motivation (I WALK ALONE)

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Produced by Jones 2.0, Fearless Motivation
Lyrics by Jones 2.0 -https://open.spotify.com/artist/6XeLD4xycpIo0ET72akKle?si=1VmBVKfJTnG7B2TgK7vkIg

Music Created by Patrick Rundblad: https://fireborn.hearnow.com

VISUAL Created by CRAM Digital Creations
3D Artist – Marc Purnell
© Fearless Motivation

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“I walk alone
I’m at peace when I’m on my own
It can be hard, it can be tough
Chasing greatness can be a lonely road
Sometimes I look back and think look how far I’ve grown
Sometimes I look back and think look how far I’ve flown

Those who fly alone have the strongest wings
I’ve got a few scars and If I had to do it again
I wouldn’t change a thing

All the tough times
All the cold nights
I learned to fight alone, it made me strong alone

You aren’t weak if you cry
After the tears dry, they evaporate
And you begin to rise

I don’t need the attention
or the recognition
And I still thrive
I made a choice to live my life
on my terms
I can’t keep the real me locked inside
So I walk alone

I walk alone
I’m okay on my own
The journey made me strong I walk alone
I walk alone”

License details for music and speech use: https://goo.gl/c9BL0P

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