WHEN LIFE HITS YOU | Steve Harvey Motivational Speech On Success 2019

WHEN LIFE HITS YOU | Steve Harvey Motivational Speech On Success 2019

We all have days where life hits us and we feel like we can’t get past the day. Steve Harvey has some great advice for that.

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You could be rich, man.
But you cannot erase/the work ethic part.
There is no getting around,
ain’t no elevator/to the top.
You got to take/the stairs.
The elevator don’t go/to the top, man.
Not in the world/of success.
You gotta take/the stairs.
Y’all gotta start/getting gritty, man.
Somebody taught this to me/a long time ago,
he said Steve,
in order to get to the
life of your dreams,
you’re gonna have to learn
how to get comfortable
being uncomfortable.
When you hear people/say all the time,
I don’t wanna do/nothing that
I’m not comfortable with,
this person’s in trouble.
Because whatever your/comfort zone is,
if you stay in your/comfort zone,
that’s where you’ll fail.
If your comfort zone/is this big
and you stay in/your comfort zone,
that’s where you’ll fail.
In order to/succeed in life,
you have to/step outside
of your comfort zone.
But I wanna tell you
something about yourself.
All of you/are equipped
to live outside of/your comfort zone.
See, a lot of people/are afraid to jump,
a lot of people are
afraid to take chances,
a lot of people/are afraid
to put things/up for risk,
and you shouldn’t be.
Now you can/be afraid,
but you should learn
how to go/ahead anyhow.
See, because let me/show you
something about yourself.
For all the bad days/you’ve ever had,
for every day that/you thought
you wasn’t gonna/get through,
for every period/in your life
you did not see/no way you could
come out on/the other side,
your track record/for surviving
them bad days is 100%.
You have survived every
single one of them.
Your track record/for surviving
bad days y’all/is 100%.
And that’s pretty good.
You can’t name one bad
day you ain’t/got through.
I have a life of/convenience now,
but in order to/get the
life of convenience,
you gotta have a very/uncomfortable life.
You got to get/comfortable
being uncomfortable.
Stop trying to do
everything the/short way.
Stop trying to figure/out the easy way,
You got to get messed/up sometimes.
You gotta get dirty
You gotta get your/feelings hurt,
you gotta get disappointed,
you gotta get/told no,
But show me something
that has grown into/something beautiful
that didn’t have/no dirt on it.
You take a seed and
throw it on/the concrete.
Don’t put no/dirt on it
and watch what happens.
See, you get/tripped out
’cause you got/dirt on you,
but you need dirt on/you to develop.
Because dirt ain’t/just dirt,
dirt is fertiliser,
dirt is nutrients,
dirt gives you/the strength for
your seed to/push through,
so you gotta have/dirt on you
to push through something.
Everything you see is
beautiful starts out/as a seed,
but that seed got to/get dirt on it.
So you get mad when/haters come your way.
You get mad ’cause/you get a setback.
You get mad ’cause you
get thrown off course.
You get mad ’cause/you get a detour.
That’s just dirt.
You get mad ’cause/they talking ’bout you,
that’s dirt.
You get mad ’cause/you lost your momma,
that’s dirt.
I want you to/think about
all them bad/moments you had
that looked like you/wasn’t gonna make it.
And then I want you/to ask yourself,
well why did/I make it?
Just change your mindset.
If you change your/attitude
you change your altitude.

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