Why Your Kids are Dumb – Grant Rant

Why Your Kids are Dumb
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Grant Rant #110 – Grant Cardone: New York Times best selling author is here today to talk about how he spent his morning educating his daughter.

Grant wakes up this morning and grabs his little daughter Sabrina and he spends an hour with her every morning. Grant thinks this is very important for two reasons:

The first thing is that Grant wants that personal time with his daughter in his most important role in his life: as a father, as a role model, as someone that is going to be an example for his little girl. The more important time you can get with her is in the morning when she first wakes up. Get some food in her. She’s happy. She’s looking forward to the day. And that is when Grant can spend some time and influence her in her day and bond with her.

The second thing that Grant does in that hour is he takes responsibility for the education she’s getting.

Last week there was a USAToday article that said a school in Florida has such low scores on a writing test that they actually had an emergency meeting at the school board. At the meeting they decided to lower the passing score to 70% so that 25% more children would pass the test.

That wasn’t even what freaked Grant out the most, because he already knows that the schools are not providing adequate education to our children. What freaked him out – and what will just blow the top off your head – is the fact that the school board would tell kids and parents that it’s alright to lower the bar.

Are you kidding me, man?!? People fail and we lower the bar? That’s not America! That’s not what made this country great. That’s not the lesson Grant wants his daughter Sabrina to learn. Grant doesn’t lower the bar at his house. If you can’t win, you don’t win! If it’s a 70 it’s a 70.

Now check this out… One of the teachers thought the writing test was unfair because one of the words in the writing test was the word camel. She said ‘what kid in Florida should have to know what a camel is.’

These are 4th grades we’re talking about here. Children that are about 10 or 11 years old. The Florida teacher questioned why an 11 year old child would have to know what a camel is when these kids are from Florida and there aren’t any camels in Florida.

We’re a world economy now. Grant’s little girl is gonna have bankers that are Chinese. She’s gonna be communicating with people from Pakistan because she’s gonna be on some freakin’ super twitter site or super facebook site going forward. Grant’s daughter knows what a camel is and she’s only three years old. Why? Because Grant takes responsibility as a parent and he’s encouraging others to do the same.

There’s two things you need to do everyday (with a bonus objective included):

#1. Spend an hour with your child everyday.

Just you and the kid. No one else, just you and the kid. Even if you have to get up an hour early. It’s the most important role you can have for your child in your lifetime. The number one most important role to Grant is not to bank money, not to write a book, not to be with his wife, it’s to be with his kids. Grant needs to also spend an hour with his wife everyday as well.

#2. Spend time educating your kids.

You know they’re deficient. You know the schools don’t work. You know they’re not getting the education. Spend some time giving your kids the education they need. Math, writing, communicating. All those things they don’t teach in schools. Spend some time doing that.

#3. Write your school.

Write your school and say quit lowering the standard. It is ridiculous. Grant’s kids have to compete in a world where this past Saturday there was 20 million Chinese kids attending math classes. What are your kids doing on a Saturday?

Bone up! Bone up as parents. Find the time, make the time, commit to education, give them what they need, and tell your schools system to quit lowering the bar.
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