18 Link Building Strategies (Templates Included) – Module 3 – Lesson 2 – Content Marketing Unlocked

Today I want to be covering more link building tactics. Link building’s super important because without links, what you’ll find is you won’t rank that highly on Google. So it is one of the key necessary things that you have to do if you want the best rankings.

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I’ve built links to many sites over the years. Here’s some campaigns on NeilPatel.com for some of my websites. As you can see, super effective, works, provide results. And if you keep doing it for years and years, you can really do extremely well.

And if you want to know what backlink count you have, go to NeilPatel.com/backlinks and put in your URL, and you’ll be able to see your backlinks. If you want to put in your traffic, just go to Ubersuggest, put in your URL and you’ll see your traffic over time, if you don’t see it starting off. But you can always type in a competitor and see their data too.

Trust me, links are really important. And it is the key for long term rankings.

So what is link building? Link building is about acquiring new inbound links to a website from external websites. In essence, it’s a way to build your brand, build your referring traffic. You’re getting other websites to link to yours, which really boosts rankings. And it’s what Google loves. And it’s a huge part of the algorithm.

So let’s go over the link building process, and there’s quite a few steps. In the link building process, you need to confirm keywords and URLs, conduct link analysis, identify sites to contact, then conduct outreach, follow up, of course, get your links published and rinse and repeat the process.

And then when you have that list, you want to build an outreach list. You can also use the backlinks report on NeilPatel.com, put in any competitor URL or page, and you can see who’s linking to it.

Create a list and that’ll help you build that list that you need. Then you want to, of course, look for the do follow links. See if you look at that backlinks report, there’s no follow and do follow. Do follow are the ones that pass juice that help you with your rankings.

And if you want to see the type of sites that link to your competition, that use good anchor text, go back to the Top Pages report in Ubersuggest, put in your competition. Click View All under Backlinks, and look at the anchor text. The ones that have rich anchor text with keywords are the ones that are probably more likely to link to you. And when they do link to you, it’ll help boost your rankings in the long run because it’s keyword rich. You also want to make things natural.

And you can hit up those websites and you can send multiple emails and followups and try to convince them to link to you. And that really comes down to the type of content you have. If you have shitty content, they’re not really going to link to you that much. If you have great content, they’re more likely to link to you.

And don’t pay for links, it’s too risky. It’s frowned upon. Don’t break the rules. You can also use broken link building. Here’s a template that I use and you can just copy it. You can pause the video here and just copy it. Here’s follow up message templates that I use. I’m not going to go and bore you to death and read it line by line. But you can just follow it, pause the video here, capture it and just make sure you use it.

Or, of course, you can just go to NeilPatel.com/training and click on “Content Marketing Unlocked,” week three, video two, underneath there you’ll find the link building templates. Now pages that you want to build links to.

You want to remember, it’s all about relevancy, relevancy, relevancy. If you have persuasive emails to relevant websites, you can get links. And you just do this over time and you’ll find that your links will just continually rise and grow over time, as well as your rankings too.

In-house link builder will take at least four weeks. Strategy concepts could take another four weeks. Link prospecting could take four to 12 weeks. Link execution somewhere around there, as well, two to four weeks. In general, agency’s going to be the quickest.

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