3 Step Process To Achieve Your Goals! This Works Every Time… Unless You Forget About Step 2

Ready to FINALLY break through and achieve your goals? You need the right process to truly make progress in your business and this video reveals all!

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this video reveals my three step process for achieving your goals today. As I’m recording, this marks the exact midpoint in 2019 so we’re halfway from the end of 2018 to the very beginning of 2020 2019 is halfway over, so it’s a perfect time to think back upon your goals if you haven’t set any goals and if you’re not clearly achieved going for anything specific, now’s the time to get started on this. So I want to let you know how I layer these three things together. These three steps, these three stages of goal setting and how I work with them. And the first level, the top level is the goal itself, right? The first step is truly to set clear and specific goals. And so many people in this world are wandering around. They want more out of their life, but they’re not specific as to that which they desire.

Now, there’s a lot of ways to do in goal setting. There’s a lot of videos on goal setting. I actually made a video. I’ll have the link pop up on my head. It’ll be in the description on my process for setting goals that I feel are um, motivating me to achieve them. Cause if you set crazy goals that are completely externalized, like I’m going to have $1 million in my bank by next Tuesday, uh, that can actually be very, very limiting and it can create some negative emotions when we set unrealistic goals that aren’t within our control. I like my goals to be set within my control. Like I’m going to do three videos a week, every week for the year and that can be a goal cause I can achieve that, right? I’m in control of that. So for more about the goal setting specifics, how do you do it so you could set yourself up for success with your goals.

Watch that video. It’s so vitally important. But in this video, what’s most important is to know that step one is to actually set specific goals. Because if you don’t have a specific target, how are you ever going to hit it? Right? If you think of an archer who goes out to the archery range and they want to go practice their target shooting, you got to have a target that you’re shooting at or you’re never, you’re just going to be thrown arrows around, right? And that can get quite dangerous really, really quickly. So setting goals is the first part and your goals and this top level of the three step process for achieving your goals. You don’t change those goals very often. Do not change your goals, do you might change these other two pieces we’re going to talk about next, but you get so focused on a goal that’s going to fire you up for the next five, 10 plus years.

So what’s the next level? Step two. Well, it’s the strategy. Okay. So the first layer is the goal. The second layer is a strategy. So with using my goal as an example of being the most helpful Internet marketer in the world, what’s the strategy for doing that? Well, my strategy so far has been to publish as many helpful videos, publish more helpful videos that are better and more valuable than any of my competitors on youtube. That’s the first level of strategy followed by syndicating that content, which means I put on my youtube videos and my team gets on onto my podcast. They get them on my blog and they get them on a social media for me.

Then the third level are the tactics. Now that tactics are the most interchangeable, right? We want to test and remove and replace the tactics more often than we test and remove an interchange, the a strategy and we want to test and interchange the strategy more often than we interchange and test the goals.

In fact, the goal is you never want to change the strategy. You want to sell them change and the tactics are kind of always changing. And that’s because platforms like snapchat come and go. That’s because Facebook, organic marketing works like gangbusters for two years and then it falls off the face of the earth. Right? So the, the tactical side of how are you executing, your strategy is always going to be changing.

Then there’s a search engine optimization, the video SEO, which has the keyword research side of it. It’s how do I write my descriptions in a way back to those thumbnail images? How do I do my thumbnails in a way that are going to get more clicks to get me more people on that? Then there’s the tactic of outsourcing the process of getting my videos onto my podcast, right? There’s the tactics of marketing my podcast. There’s the tactic of getting my team to publish SEO optimized blog posts with my content.

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