3 Ways To Get Rich Online By Helping Others

Being of service to others is an EXTREMELY lucrative business model. There are 3 ways to leverage your service to build a successful online business.

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When building your business online it is important to keep in mind the laws of attraction and to use them to grow your business…


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The key idea here is that your ability to HELP others is where the income for your online business comes from.

In this video you are going to learn the three ways to get rich, helping other people get results. Now at the end of this video, I’m going to tie them all together and you’re going to see how each of these three ways works together to create one extremely lucrative business model, but we need to break down each component first. And the core here, really the big idea that runs through all of these is that you can help people get results. When you’re in a position in your life, you’ve gained some level of mastery of something that other people are willing to invest in. The rest of the business game becomes relatively easy. And I’ve got some very specific examples for you here. So what are those three approaches? Well, first number one, it is coaching. Number two, it is creating courses.

And number three, our membership programs. And again, we’re going to talk about each of these and why they’re different and why we work at them or look at them different, but then how you’re able to potentially combine them with specific examples. So on the first one, coaching. Now everyone on this earth wants to improve their lives in some way. There’s been authors who have talked about the entire world of selling, as in every human being just wants more happiness. And when we or when you can help them achieve the happiness they desire, that is when you’re able to make a sale ultimately. So some people think that happiness comes in the form of losing weight. Other people think that happiness comes in the form of bulking up and actually gaining weight, right? So what happiness means can be very different to different people. But when you have the ability, generally this comes because you have created a specific result for yourself.

And when you have the ability to help other people achieve and experience and game this result, they’re willing to pay. And coaching is an easy sale because most people are extremely busy. They need help, they want handholding, and they need accountability. And as a coach, that’s what you do in this kind of a situation is you’re there with them on the phone, whether it’s weekly, biweekly, monthly, whatever it is for you, you’re really making sure that they stay accountable, that they stay on track to achieve their goals, that they really are actually getting the results that they desire. And for this level of attention, you charge the most money, right? A lot of times people, uh, I believe add way too many automations and way too much in between the moment of op making the offer and making the sale. A lot of coaching can actually be sold through direct messages in social media network.

So, um, if you’re actively in Facebook groups and weight loss groups and you’re just giving tips and you’re just helping people, you’re not promoting anything, you’re not sending out links and other people’s groups, you’re simply being a helpful person and you’re making connections and you’re having conversations in those groups. And then you go add those individuals as friends on Facebook and you continue to post positive, high quality helpful content on your actual Facebook profile. You can mix in an occasional post of, Hey, I’m looking to help three people lose 10 pounds next month. If you’re interested in, you want help D M me and at that moment the conversation is open. So the process to sell coaching can be extremely simple and so many people get it all complexified with a ton of content and often pages and this and that and fancy automations and autoresponder sequences.

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