4 Simple Hacks to Bring Dead Pages Back to Life With Massive SEO Gains

4 Simple Hacks to Bring Dead Pages Back to Life With Massive SEO Gains | You put in all this time into writing content on your website. Sometimes, it gets a lot of traffic. Other times, it doesn’t. A lot of times you get traffic and then all of a sudden, a month, two months later, six months later, a year later, it stops getting traffic altogether. That sucks, because why would you want to keep writing content that no one reads in the long run? Today, I’m going to teach you four simple hacks to bring dead pages back to life with massive SEO gains.

Google Analytics – https://analytics.google.com/analytics/web/#/
Ubersuggest – https://neilpatel.com/ubersuggest/
Screaming Frog – https://www.screamingfrog.co.uk/seo-spider/
Google Search Console – https://search.google.com/search-console/about

The first step I have for you is to make a list of all your posts.

I want you to log in to Google Analytics, click on behavior, then click on overview, click view full report. Then I want you to click export and choose your preferred file format. This will give you a list of all your pages and posts.

This is great, because the next step, step two, I want you to pick the post that you want to optimize.

Posts with good conversion rates, posts with good time on page, posts with good bounce rates. You’ll find that a lot of times, these pages aren’t the most popular. You’re not getting the most traffic. That’s okay. You want the pages that are getting the most sales, the most leads, the most revenue, because if you take them and then you go and adjust them, and make it better, which I’ll show you how to do, at least you’ll be getting traffic that converts into sales.

The last thing you want to do is just take random pages, get them more traffic, and then find out your sales, your leads, your conversions, all stay the same.

This brings me to step three. I want you to use one of the hacks I’m going to teach you, or a combination of them. Here are the hacks I want you to use.

Hack one, leverage powerful internal linking opportunities.

Right? You can go and see all right, what are your top pages? You can either do that through the Google report that you just exported, or you can use Ubersuggest, put in your URL, check out the pages that are getting the most traffic, the ones that are the most popular.

Consider taking those pages and linking them from those pages to the pages that you want to optimize and rank higher. because the more you link to the pages that have the best conversions, the chances are, they’ll increase in rankings over time.

And pages that are already loved by Google, if those pages are linking to the pages that have high conversion rates and low traffic, eventually you’re passing more juice to those pages which helps them push up.

Hack number two, combining content pieces that are around similar topics.

Check which of your articles are on very similar topics or duplicates. You can go into Google Search Console and see if they’re ranking for similar terms.

If they are, start combining these, take the URLs, pick the most popular version, put it all on there, take the least popular version, 301 that non-popular version to the most popular one, and that’ll combine the content, put more emphasis, more juice, into one URL and that’ll help you increase in your ranking.

The reason being, if you have two articles on the same topic, how does Google know which ones to rank? Well doing this will help solve that problem. This is why Wikipedia does so well. They just keep having one page on a specific topic, and then they keep expanding it versus having 10 pages on the same topic. You’ll also want to update your internal links using Screaming Frog.

Hack number three, consolidate cannibalizing content with redirects.

So, find pages that aren’t getting traffic, and then find pages that are on similar topics, even if they’re not on the same keyword, and start combining them.

When you do this, what you’re doing is getting rid of junk pages that Google doesn’t want to rank. This will take your authority and push it into the pages that matter, versus spreading out your site authority into all these thousands of pages where most of them aren’t ranking.
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