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Today’s another day of eCommerce Unlocked. And today we’re going to be going over B2B sales. I know we’ve discussed B2C sales quite a bit, but there’s also a lot of room in B2B.

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So let’s first look at the general typical B2B sales process. It goes all the way from someone coming on your website to they’re interested in something, then they become a lead. Then you end up having a call with them. This is what’s called a discovery call where they’re just learning, you’re learning, then if it’s a good fit, you have a strategic plan. This is a presentation where you go over your product, your solution, how it can help them. And then your last meeting is the decision meeting.

Now what’s not shown here is in B2B, there’s a lot of middle steps. So you may have multiple phone calls. You may have a presentation with someone and then their boss may want to see the presentation again. So you had to do it all over again or send them the recorded version, but let’s dive into each step.

First off, there’s a call preparation. This is where you receive a lead and a confirmation appointment. Right, it’s matched to you. You get a lead, someone’s interested in your product or service, and then you end up setting a call with them. Hence you have to see if they are truly qualified. And you need to get to know their business and understand that if you can help with their problems. So some for homework for you or your sales reps is to, if the lead is junk or fake, cancel it. If it’s good, make sure you prepare and you want to go towards the next step.

The next step would be a discovery call. You want to get to know the lead on a personal level. What are their pain points? Why are they interested in your product? What else have they tried? How long have they been facing this problem? When are they looking to move forward on a solution. By understanding their problem, you can then tailor your sales pitch around what they’re looking for.

Your next step is to schedule a call with them and the decision maker, the keys decision maker, because you don’t want to be wasting your time with someone who can’t sign off on the deal within roughly seven days of getting the questionnaire. And the way you do this is on that call, you have a strategic plan.

If you show case studies, this helps a lot in B2B. You want to know what appeals to them and really understand because that’s how you’re going to be able to close a sell.

A homework assignment for you as you want to send a recap presentation to them, as well as everything that was discussed, as well as any unanswered questions. And then you want to go over payment and pricing within that presentation as well.

And the homework assignment for you is try to get the deal closed and then break down onboarding, and then walking into your ecosystem or company.

Now that you know how to close B2B leads, let’s go over where you can find them. One of the best places that I like going is LinkedIn. It’ll allow you to find the ideal people that you want to target from groups to industries, to interest, it breaks it all down.

You can either import those leads into your CRM like Salesforce or HubSpot, and then start contacting them. Or you can start reaching out to people on LinkedIn as well, which works well. In B2B, what you’ll find is relationships are everything.

And one way to really help build your relationship is to make sure your profile is filled out correctly. Good head shots, good bio, lot of texts, endorsements, recommendations, involvement in a lot of groups. You want to highlight projects that you’ve done well on.

And then of course you want to join active groups that are related to the industries that you’re going after because by being active, you’ll also start getting inbound leads, and that’ll help.

So one example that I want to go over is knobs.co. It’s a great example. If you follow the B2B eCommerce space, they have a really strong conversion process and they’ve done exceptionally well. So check them out and go to their website. You can learn a lot from them. This is your chance to analyze someone who’s doing extremely well. So some action items for you.

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