Best Self Help Books – #1 Personal Development Path From Scarcity To Abundance Mindset

These self help books helped me shift my mindset to break free from being $50,000 in DEBT to making millions online. You can change your reality, too!

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Here are the books with links to the versions that I recommend:

#1) Think & Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill –
The Success System That Never Fails by W. Clement Stone –
Grow Rich With Peace Of Mind –

You were born Rich by Bob Proctor – –

Science of getting Rich by Wallace Wattles –

Psycho cybernetics by Maxwell Maltz –

Prosperity consciousness by Frederick Lehrman –

Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert –
The War of Art by Stephen Pressfield –

The 10x Rule by Grant Cardone –

Unlimited Power by Tony Robbins –
Awaken the Giant within by Tony Robbins –

The Millionaire Next Door by Stanley and Danko –

The 80/20 principle by Koch –

In this video you are going to learn my top 10 self help books that have helped me personally go from having a poverty consciousness to an abundance consciousness. I don’t care if you call it self-help or personal development. Ultimately these are the books that have helped me go from just one generation before. My father grew up on a farm in North Dakota. He had no running water. He had no electricity, he had no indoor plumbing. Again, in North Dakota too. Now one generation away, I’ve generated millions of dollars online and it’s not exactly the tactics that have been the change, right? It was changing the scripts that were playing up here in my head, changing the mindset that ultimately has done most of the heavy lifting because our external world is actually a reflection of what’s going on with this internal conversation. So how do you fix that internal conversation?

It’s these books right here.

For me personally, taking advantage of plugging in headphones and listening to audio while driving while commuting, while doing dishes, while making coffee in the morning while mowing the lawn, literally constantly feeding my brain with these types of books is ultimately how I’ve built the mindset that is kind of a creating the reality that I’m enjoying today. And that’s what I want to share with you. Um, on all of the old books, there’s a lot of reproductions of them. You always want to get the original version, the unabridged version, the one that no one else has fiddled with because publishing companies have remade and remastered books and, and they often take out parts that are key to understanding.

So number one, we’re going to jump right into it. It’s think and grow rich by Napoleon Hill. This is one that there is dozens of variations of in the description you’re gonna find links to all of these books. Some are affiliate links. I fully admit that and I get a kickback if you purchase through them, but that’s not why I’m doing this. But the one I’ve linked to on Napoleon hill is the absolute original untouched variation. I do believe it’s best to go through that first original version. Now a couple of these, I have some or options. Okay cause you may have read, think and grow rich. So thinking, grow rich is one or the success system that never fails. That’s w Clement stone. If you know about Napoleon Hill’s a path through life, he actually worked with a w Clement stone later in life. I like the success system that never fails because it focuses more on the system than it does on thinking, right?

Repetition is so key with everything in life. Most of these books, at least 75% of these books I’ve listened to at least two times or more, and the other ones I will absolutely listen to them. Again, repetition of these ideas into your conscious mind is how you implant your subconscious mind to really start to build a different reality for you.

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