Blogging vs Podcasting – Which Is Best For You?

Which platform is best for your content marketing? Blogging or podcasting? This video will help you decide the right strategy for you & the description has links to great free trainings…

if you are wondering if you should start a blog or start a YouTube channel, watch this video where I reviewed YouTube versus blogging ;

If you make the decision you want to begin blogging, here is a free step-by-step tutorial that teaches you how to start a blog:

If you make the decision that you want to start a podcast, this 7-step guide will get you going –

In this video I mentioned that I turn these videos I create into podcast episodes and I have a YouTube video that teaches you how to make a podcast out of a YouTube video here:

Generally speaking podcasting is so similar to YouTube that you would want to get your podcasts onto YouTube as well as on the podcast directory.

This will help you get around the discoverability issue with podcasts that I explained in this video.

Now, for many people they understand that podcasting, blogging, YouTube… These are all required components to build an online business but they still don’t understand how to make money online. If you are in this category, be sure to watch this video next:

My deep dive training on how to blog so you can drive traffic fast is here:

If you are struggling to choose your niche for your blog or your podcast, be sure to go through my free niche selection training on YouTube here:

These links are the keys to you getting started with your online business whether it’s through a blog or a podcast the right way… Seek and growing audience, build trust and ultimately make the money you desire.

If you don’t fully understand the right way to make money online I suggest you start with affiliate marketing by going through this free affiliate marketing training on YouTube here:

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