Build Your Instagram Profile The Right Way – Module 1 – Lesson 1 – Instagram Unlocked

Today is the second lesson in going from zero to 100,000 Instagram followers, and I’m going to be focusing today’s lesson on setting up the perfect Instagram profile. So let’s dive right into your Instagram profile.

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First, you got to look at the Bio Link. You know, anytime you have a profile, whether it’s a personal or a corporation, you can add a link to your website, to your blog, whatever it may be that you really want to end up pushing. You want to make sure you include a link.

One thing that I like doing within my profile is, I like driving people to lead capture forms. So I may have a specific URL and drive them to a landing page, like a whitepaper or a deal page. I look at this link as the main profit center for my Instagram profile.

So just an overview on the bio layout. You know, you can end up putting your name, your company name, from there, you end up breaking down who you are, a little bit about you, and, of course, the link as well.

One thing to know on Instagram, and this is my favorite source to drive conversions other than the Bio Link, is stories. It’s a great way to get engagement, visibility for your content. And, of course, if you’re selling anything, you can tell people to swipe up in your story, and that’ll drive them to your website.

One thing that you should recommend doing, or I recommend that you do, is create Story Highlights. Whether it’s to drive sales to something or getting people to swipe up, or it’s just for people to see something specific that you think that they’ll really like.

Another thing when you’re using stories and posts, hashtags are super important too. So you can use tools like Ubersuggest to go and find out what’s popular out there for keywords and just use them as hashtags on Instagram, and you’ll find that that’ll help increase engagement, followers, strengthen your brand, your reach.

If you’re getting all those views from using the hashtags, creating amazing content, you’ll also want to use call to actions, so then that way people can get in touch with you, people can buy your products and services. So have a call to action. Directing people what they should do next is super important. If you don’t direct them, don’t expect anything.

And if you want extra engagement, consider creating content themes. A lot of Instagrammers make the mistake of having too many themes with their page. You don’t want to have too many themes. You just want to have one theme.

The one thing I would recommend is, if you’re a personal brand, every once in a while, put in images that are personal. Especially, if you have a theme that doesn’t involve your own life. Because a lot of people are using Instagram to connect with you, the individual, so sharing that at least in stories will help out.

Content calendar is a great way to have all your content organized, so that way you know when you want to post what. It’s not last minute. It’s more strategic. So that way you can get the results that you’re looking for.

If you’re wondering what that looks like, the image on the right side, this is from later, this helps you create a content calendar so you can plan everything out. It’s beautiful, and that way you can plan on not just what you’re going to post when, but what’s your end game? What results are you looking for? Are you just looking for engagement for the sake of it? Are you looking for revenue? Are you looking for sales? Are you looking for more leads? And you can plan that all out.

The main benefits of doing this is that it keeps you organized and on track, keeps you consistent, keeps your audience engaged because once you stop posting content, it’s hard to get them back and get them to engage again, helps you keep track of your performance, and, of course, it helps you identify what content pieces are working and which ones aren’t.

Some other tools is Sked Social. It’s built-in content calendars. Preview, another content calendar. Later, Instagram scheduler. Ripl, crafting and measuring social media content.

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