Does Affiliate Marketing Still Work? 1 Year Income Report

Does affiliate marketing really work?

I spent one year building a brand-new affiliate site and this video reveals the results and the income from that case study website build.
Specifically you will see my exact Amazon affiliate income report showing the quarterly profits, annual profits and monthly profits from this authority site.

Did the Amazon affiliate commission change ruin the site?Is affiliate marketing dead in 2020 now?

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there are way too many affiliate marketing scammers out there trying to take advantage of you by selling you overpriced courses

My name is Miles Beckler and I have been successfully making money online as an affiliate since 2003.

I currently own and operate five separate websites that are extremely profitable and this video covers the data behind the building of my newest affiliate marketing site.Instead of selling you the “how-to” information I simply give it away for free here on YouTube because I have a successful business.

Personally I don’t feel like affiliate marketing is a complete business in and of itself. It is better suited as one monetization channel for a website that generates multiple streams of income.

I go deeper into my philosophy on how to build an online business in this free course:

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If you aren’t an expert at something and you’re starting from scratch this is a key video to watch

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the most important part of this video that you need to stay focused on is the amount of energy required before getting into the momentum phase.

I not only cover how that worked for this blog build but I also shared the data from this YouTube channel you’re watching as well.

Because you can do affiliate marketing through YouTube if you grow a large enough audience here on the platform.

The money is a byproduct of helping people find what they want. That’s our job as affiliates.

We are here to help people make the right decision for them in the moment.

we do this through creating great affiliate posts that answer the searchers questions and rank well in Google.

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the second most important thing you will learn in this video is how long does affiliate marketing take.Having your expectations in the right place about the amount of effort required is key.

Is affiliate marketing passive income?

Can you just copy and paste someone’s ads and be successful with affiliate marketing?

Do you need to buy an affiliate marketing course in order to be successful?

These are all of the important questions you will learn answers to in this video as you get a data-driven approach that answers the question if affiliate marketing still works in 2020.

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