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Today is another day of SEO Unlocked and today we’re going to be covering conversion rate optimization.

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So let’s dive into the first lesson of this week which is CRO.

By focusing on product pages we call them PDPs, you can increase revenue with a few simple tweaks.

So let me breakdown a really good product page. Two things that I want to emphasize on this page is a phone number. Things like badges that say free no contact delivery, those kind of things can help boost conversion rates.

With your website you want to optimize your meta descriptions. Meta descriptions will help boost conversion rates. So if you take your title tag and you look at your product pages or the landing pages and you make sure your title and meta description is appealing, it evokes curiosity, lets them know what they’re going to get, isn’t too long where it gets cut off from search and isn’t the optimal format which is natural, compelling content, you’re going to end up generating more sales, and if you want to analyze your meta tag, go to Ubersuggest.

Here’s multiple product shots. This is one of the easiest ways to boost conversions. When people are looking at a product they want to see every single viewpoint from it.Humans respond 6,000 times faster to visual images than they do over text. So make sure that you’re using visuals.

But when you’re using visuals, you want to make sure that you’re compressing your images so that way your page loads fast, because every second delayed in load time is going to cost you conversions. So compress your images, but still keep the quality up.

You also want to articulate your product descriptions. Turn the features into benefits and use a combination of logic and emotion. When you tie both of those two things in together because some people are more emotional, some people are more logical, but when you combine them both you’re going to hit all sides and boost your conversion rate.

For CTA buttons, people are more likely to click on Add To Cart than they are to click on Add to Bag, or Add to Shopping Bag, or Add to Basket. People prefer Add To Cart. Don’t get fancy or anything like that, stick with what people know and are used to.

Another thing that I recommend that you do on your pages is answer frequently asked questions. So by answering the most common questions in the FAQ section you’re going to save people time. It shows that you’ve thought through every single use case and it helps boost conversions. It’s simple, this one thing won’t drastically increase your conversions but if you combine everything that I’m talking about it really does help.

You also want to do exit intents. You can use products like Hello Bar to do this. So when someone’s leaving your website they’re not buying anything, I typically offer them a discount 5%, 10%, 20% in exchange for their email, that tends to work really well.

I also try to include case studies, reviews, testimonials, sometimes even video formats of that and email that tends to help a lot too and get people to come back and then buy again. Customer reviews are huge. People take that for granted.

An additional conversion hack that you can use is leveraging scarcity and urgency.
You can do this to your headlines or call to actions, but the more urgent people know that, hey, your product may be running out of inventory, the more likely they are to buy and you don’t want to trick or deceive them.

You got to go and optimize everything. One thing won’t really change your business but combining all of them is what’s really going to drive you more sales. It all starts from the traffic and at the very end, when you go through all the steps, it’ll end up generating you more revenue and there’s a ton of little steps but they all add up from offers, to email campaigns, to upsells, down cells, every time you have a new product launch telling people about it, all of this stuff really does help.

If you’re on Shopify, checkout Zipify Pages, it’s an easy way to generate more upsells. We love it to death.

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