Final Update! Month 8 Affiliate Marketing Website

How much does an affiliate marketing website make after 8 months? Find out here PLUS, learn why this is the last update.

As mentioned in the video… If you want all of the cost breakdowns and also access to the screenshots that show the revenue and traffic data, catch the full blog post here:

I do believe that you can make money blogging with affiliate marketing… In fact, the growth curve of the affiliate marketing website case study projects a possibility of generating over $6,000/mo in revenue from the amazon affiliate program!

This is due to the power of compounding starting to work for us.

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With that said, I explain in this video why you may not want to consider Affiliate Marketing and I also share why it is not a ‘passive income’ opportunity.

I also share my thoughts regarding the affiliate marketing game vs. coaching, selling courses and membership programs if you have expertise people are willing to invest in.

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In this video I’ve got the month eight update for my affiliate marketing website case study. We’re going to go through all of the numbers. Plus you’re going to learn why this is most likely going to be my very last update on the affiliate marketing site because a few things have changed and come up in the data. It makes me realize that I’m probably going to have to stop making these videos for you and you’re going to learn why at the end. But first let’s jump into the data because we’re in the growth curve at this point and things are starting to get really exciting for us. So in the month eight update, what we’re looking at is the January data. So that is the eighth month I’ve been building it. So we’re looking at like January versus December data. Really clean data cause both months have 31 days.

So all traffic on the website combined was up 96% so about a hundred percent growth at about doubled the traffic. But here’s the cool part of the traffic. 183% increase in Google organic traffic. What this means is we’re ranking better. We’re ranking for more keyword phrases and for the keyword phrases that we’re already ranking, they’re moving up, which means we’re getting more clicks and we’re getting more traffic. Also on the search engines being is up 72% a duck duck go is up 316% and Yahoo is up 87% so what this means is the site is now ranking in all of the major search engines. They’re all driving us traffic and they’re all driving us more traffic. And the trend is continuing because I’m recording this in the middle of February, so I’m kind of, I was able to glance at the current data and this trend is not slowing down.

It’s not stopping. This is the idea of compound and growth. And I’m going to say this again and again in this video, and you’ve probably heard me say this before there’s a long lag time of putting in work, putting in energy, creating the content, doing the day to day work before we start to see the results. But then the results begin to compound and that’s what we’re seeing. Our impressions are up 175% so this means almost a double as many times we’re showing up in the search engines, which is great. Our click through rate is up 20% this means our titles and our descriptions are getting the click and this really comes down. We’ve had some writer challenges in the beginning. We were using some teams that just weren’t very good, they weren’t experts in our world and we have changed that over the last few months. So the content we’re putting out has better titles, better descriptions is getting clicked on more often and it is growing.

Our average position has moved up 10% as well, so that means Google is liking the site even more. That also means we probably got a higher click through rate. Those two are correlated there, so those are kind of the leading indicators. The actual data from our search volume. What about money? Right? How much money is this thing making? Well at this point it’s $80 and 22 cents in total revenue from last month. Which is an 18 fold increase. That’s right. Our revenue has gone up 18 times what it was.

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