From $0 – $10,000 Per Month – What To Expect Climbing The Stairway To Success

Building an online business that generates $10,000 per month in income gets broken down step by step in this video with Miles Beckler.

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this video is going to help you understand exactly what it takes to go from zero to $10,000 per month online. Now, specifically whether you’re at the thousand dollars a month mark, the $3,000 a month mark or you’re at zero, you got to look at the path to generating lifestyle income. We’re talking $10,000 per month. Life changing income as ascending a staircase to the top of a skyscraper is the absolute best analogy. And that’s what we’re going to go through here on this video.

The, the idea of this video is to make it really clear as to what kind of steps there are on the staircase of success. And I’m likening the whole path from where you’re at now, whether you’re on the ground floor or the first floor. We’re climbing a skyscraper here. The first piece of perspective that’s required is to understand that the average household income in the United States of America, okay, household, this means more than one income earner. This is on average, two income earners is somewhere in the mid $60,000 per year range. So if you are expecting to grow to $120,000 per year, right? That’s 10 grand a month times 12 months, you need to realize the perspective of that is that you’re going to be doing twice as good as the average.

This is not an easy feat. This is not for the faint of heart. This is a monumental challenge and a monumental feat when it is done. But the path is proven, which is the cool part. It just takes a little more energy and a little more effort than the fake Gurus, um, will tell you unfortunately. So that’s what we’re going to go through here. And what are the perspective I’m trying to give you is what are all the things you will have done by the time you get to that level in the skyscraper that is $10,000 per month, right? There’s a lot of stairs and then there’s a lot of those transitions and those, those little um, in between stares you get those little transitions where you get to turn around and go up the next part of the stair, the little flights of stairs.

Okay. That’s what you end up doing in this, and I’ve covered in the last video that it’s audience growth, email list growth and offers. Those are really three of the main flights that you’ll end up going up. And some of those are 10 story flights, right? So the first thing you will have done is you will have built a blog, you’ll have a wordpress blog. Maybe you chose to go with a landing page building software instead, like lead pages. But you’re going to have a website that you own, that you manage, that you populate content to. You’re going to have your terms of service, right? You’re going to have your, your privacy policies, you’re gonna have to figure out all these little bits and pieces to be in compliance. Whether you’re doing organic traffic or whether you’re doing, um, paid traffic, it doesn’t matter. You need to have these compliance components in.

You will have published your first post. If you’re doing youtube videos, you will have published your first video, right? You’re going to have to break through that awkward feeling of, Oh, I’m on camera. What am I doing? This is really, really weird. Um, and then you’ll have to publish your 10th post and your 10th video and your hundredth probably maybe your 500th by the time you reach the $10,000 per month income mark. Now, not everyone has to blog. You don’t have to do a youtube channel. You can go all in on paid advertising and you can spend thousands upon thousands of dollars testing ads, and if you go that route, you’ll have probably tested five, six, seven different landing pages. You maybe have tested four or five different opt in offers, and you’ve probably run dozens upon dozens upon dozens of tests on the individual ads. Again, I’m giving you perspective.

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