From ZERO To $30,000 Per Month In 3 Years – The TRUTH About Making Money Online Revealed…

Don’t get scammed by the “Fake Gurus” or con-men selling the Passive Income lie! Watch this video for the TRUTH of what it takes to make money online.

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This video marks the exact three year point in starting this youtube channel. Now in this video, you’re going to learn how I built this brand from zero to over $30,000 per month recurring income and more specifically, you’re going to get to see inside of all the analytics dashboards that will show you where all the traffic’s coming from, where the leads come from. So you can understand tactically how I’ve grown this business. You know, when I started this youtube channel, I knew it was a three to five year experiment and as I grew to 10,000 subscribers and 20,000 subscribers and people were like, wow, miles, you’re doing great. I kept saying in the comments, just wait until I hit that three year mark. So I’ve been waiting three years to make this video because the whole premise of this channel and the whole premise of my kind of coming out from behind the curtain as a content creator has been to show you beyond a shadow of a doubt transparently that you can create a successful business online by just doing the work.

There’s a lot of con artists out there who are trying to sell you “Ninja tactics” and software tools that you don’t need because you’re just one away or passive income, which is a complete lie. So I took it upon myself to start at zero. I use the cell phone I already had as my camera. I use the laptop that we’re going to jump on that I’m still same laptop I’m using to this day. It’s a Lenovo, right? It’s not even a fancy laptop and I use the Webcam that was prebuilt into that. It’s more about my willingness to share what I had learned with my audience. Then to do a little bit of keyword research, because that’s how search engines work. Youtube is a search engine. My blogs, a search engine. You’re going to see how that kind of translated into data on these. So that’s the bigger framework, right?

That’s the big idea. Now, if you don’t know my story real quick, I started earning income online in 2003 started this channel in 2016 before I started teaching how to make money online before I started teaching digital marketing, I had over 13 years of experience and I’d already made over a million dollars online before I ever started teaching this. In fact, I went full time online in 2010 so I had six years of full time experience as a digital entrepreneur before I ever started to teach anything about digital marketing. The key takeaway at this point is I brought expertise to the table. Yes, we’re looking at the data, the numbers, the analytics, the charts from a three year window that went from zero income to $30,000 per month and income, and honestly I’ve hit 50 plus thousand dollars on a really good month, but that window is actually needs to encompass all of those years back to 2003 because it doesn’t show the 13 years of trial and error, the 10 years of failure.

That kind of led up to understanding what it takes and how to grow a business in this manner. Now, in this video in my channel, if you haven’t subscribed, subscribe to the channel. Click the bell so you get notifications when I put up new videos. But I’ve taught all the bits and pieces how to build a funnel, how you keyword research, how do SEO target all for free? How do you Facebook advertising? I teach it all for free. Again, to save you from the con artists who have no other business other than selling you passive income hype, selling you shiny objects, wealthy affiliate dreams, selling you things that don’t actually work, so you don’t need that stuff. You need to do the work and that’s exactly what you’re going to see. So let’s jump on the computer over here and we’re going to dig in first to the analytics. Now if you’ve seen these update videos in the past, you know that I go through the analytics on both all three, my youtube, my blog, and then also the podcast.

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