How I Rank #1 For Very Competitive Keywords on YouTube

Since 2017, I’ve grown my YouTube channel from zero to over 490,000 subscribers. YouTube is the second most popular search engine on Earth. I’m ranked for keywords on YouTube that are some of the most competitive, like SEO and content marketing. Today, I’m going to break down how to rank number one for very competitive keywords on YouTube.

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The first thing you need to do is become an authority in a specific area.

Channels that are very specific versus talking about everything, tend to do better when it comes to ranking. Google wants to rank authoritative channels that are really, you know, the key, the end-all, be-all authority on that subject versus just random people.

Why? Because it provides more value and that keeps people more on YouTube longer.

So no matter what, you need to have one focus area for your channel. I kid you not, that really helps you rank better.

The second tip, pay attention to feedback.

If people love certain topics, then do more of them. If some people hate certain topics, then do less of them. Sure, you can’t always keep creating the same video over and over and over again. But you can do variations of it, you can expand upon it.

And sure they may not just tell you this feedback in a comment, but you can also tell by the views, the likes, the dislikes. All this will give you feedback.

The third thing, understand search demand.

Much like SEO, having the right keywords, with the right search volume gives you the best chance of success in the long run.

The last thing you want to do is create content on things that just aren’t searched. Sure you’ll rank number one from something that gets no volume, but who really cares, because it’s not driving any traffic.

The next thing, do your keyword research, but focus on the value of your content.

So look at the quality of your videos. You want to hook people on early on. You want to tell them why they should stick around. You want to keep them entertained. All these types of things will do well.

And if you’re just boring and talking in monotone like this, no one’s going to stick around. But when you have amazing content that people like, “Oh my god, this is so entertaining, “you have great animation, good transition,” that’ll keep people around longer.

The next tip, pay attention to your video format.

So here’s my formula that I use with my videos.

First, I start with the hook.

This is the idea where I capture the attention of my audience by telling them what the video’s about, why it’s important and why it matters to viewers.

Then, I tell people to subscribe.

And I just don’t say, “Hey, subscribe to my channel.” I tell them, “You have to click the alert notification,” because if they click the alert notification, more people will get notified of your videos.

Third, I lay my content out in a step-by-step format, bulleted explanations.

If you do that with your audience, they’ll also keep coming back. And that’s why I also try to keep things short, sweet and easy to understand, so whether you’re a newbie or you’re advanced, you can get value.

And finally, I give them some additional calls to action, talk to them about my ad agency, telling them to like the video, telling them to share it, telling them to leave a comment.

Now that you’ve got your format right, the next step I have for you, keep a eye out on what’s working within your market.

See, your audience isn’t only watching your content or your channel. There’s other channels that are competing with you. Look at their channels. See what’s working. See which one of their videos is doing the best. Analyze it. Copy their best concepts and strategies.

And the last tip I have for you, it’s all about the first 24 hours.

With YouTube, the videos that tend to do really well in the first 24 hours tend to rank really quickly.

So the first 24 hours, I push it out to all my social channels, like Twitter, saying, “Go to YouTube, watch this video.” I’ll do email blasts, push notification blasts through All this helps my videos rank higher because it’s so popular in the first 24 hours, YouTube sees it, it’s much more likely to do well in the long run.

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