How To Choose Your LUCRATIVE Niche – Part 2 of 2

This video reveals how to analyze the potential profitability of your niche ideas generated from part one in this How to choose a niche training series.

Part one is here:

The tool used in this video is located at

After you complete this video, the next video you will want to watch in order to get all of the next steps you need to follow to build your business online is here:

If you are wanting some niche examples so you can better understand how other marketers like you have put this training into action, watch this video that has 13 niche examples

And if you need even more examples, here are 13 additional affiliate marketing websites that are crushing it, this was recorded just a month ago

Here is the truth… You are able to build a successful business online and you do not need to buy an overpriced course from a fake Guru to teach you how.

My videos here on YouTube will give you everything you need in the “how to” call the number one thing you need to do is take action. Paragraph you are going to learn more about how this “game” works by actually building out a website which is why I have a full tutorial on my blog that teaches you exactly how to start your website

this is the technical step-by-step that will get you web hosting and a WordPress blog up and running so you can begin to publish helpful content.

if you are wondering “what kind of content do I publish?” This just means you did not watch the recommended training after this video… Which is linked above that goes into the step-by-step about how to build your business online.

to make it easy, that link again is here

This video shows you all of the steps you need to take in order with links to all of the resources that you need to get going.

I know you can build a successful business online and I hope these videos are helpful in getting you going as an affiliate marketer, YouTube, blogger,course creator, membership site owner, whatever it is that you desire to do…

It is all possible when you understand this core philosophy of giving value to your audience first.

giving value to your audience, growing your audience, building trust with them… These are the “activities” that we are focused on each and every day as successful entrepreneurs. I call this the “ATM strategy”

This strategy is revealed in my ATM strategy video here

if you need anything from me get at me in the comments, I will answer as many as I can as often as I can to help take action and move forward building your business successfully online.

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