How to Get Millions of Visitors Like Quora

Today I’m going to teach you how to get millions of visitors like Quora.


So if you don’t know what Quora is, it’s a Q and A website. Let’s go to so just you can check it out, and this site here pretty much breaks down questions and answers that people have.

As you can see, there’s questions on literally everything. Startups, why does Harry never fall in love with Hermione? Will a Tesla on autopilot automatically pull over if it’s being followed by a police car if the police siren is activated? All these are questions that people are asking and people answer them.

And if you look at Ubersuggest, when you type in a URL into Ubersuggest, so I typed in, in the traffic analyzer report over here it tells you how many organic keywords a website ranks for, organic monthly traffic, domain score, backlinks, and it gives a variety of information like keywords that a website ranks for, their top pages and top keywords.

Now, if you go to top pages for Quora, you’ll see that they’re all question related. And within Ubersuggest you can just click the View All and you’ll be able to see all the keywords that individual page ranks for, and this will show you all the question related terms that people are typing in.

And the reason I’m showing you this is it’ll help you come up with more pages that are questioned related for your website. As you can see here, these pages aren’t popular on the social web and that’s okay.

It just shows you the power of questions. And you can use this report to see what similar questions people on Quora are searching for and then go and create similar ones on your website that are more in-depth, more thorough, so that way you can do a better job.

Like, I can take that page, click on it within top pages report, and it’ll break me down to the exact Quora page that’s getting all that traffic. And the list goes on and on and there are all the responses and it really is that simple.

Now, here’s the thing. With your website you may be, like, Neil, you know, all these top pages that Quora’s showing, none of them are related to my industry. Like, I’m in marketing. Sure, I can talk about best ways to log out on Facebook, talk about ways to integrate WhatsApp with a website, and there’s probably a few other ones that I can use here that are related to marketing, but you may not have the same luck as me.

So what I want you to do is go back into the search bar in Ubersuggest and type in keywords related to your industry. So I may type in digital marketing and it’ll show me a overview report of the search volume over time, and you can see here Ubersuggest gives you more suggestions.

You can see suggested keywords, related keywords, question related keywords, prepositions, comparisons, so let’s click on questions. You can see a lot of different questions. What digital marketing is, is digital marketing important? And these keywords, some of them get a lot of volume, some of them don’t. And you can click view all keyword ideas, and because I was on the questions tab on the main screen it’ll show me a bigger list of questions that people are typing related to digital marketing.

So what I want you to do is do this for many of the terms. Like, I could also do this for affiliate marketing, which is also my space, then I’d click on the questions term and it’ll show me more keywords that I could potentially go after to get traffic.

I could do the same thing for terms like Facebook, just Facebook in general, right? Some of these may be related to your industry, some of them may not, but it’s the same thing. You see a lot of these terms are green because they’re not that competitive, but yet they have good search volume.

So if you follow this and then start creating content around these topics, and you can copy Quora’s format on how they create content around these questions, you do something similar, and you’ll start getting a lot of traffic. You’ll have a lot of pages.

Each page may not get as much traffic as Quora, but all these hundreds of pages will add up and that’s how you can get millions and millions of visitors over time, and specifically from Google.

These pages won’t be popular on the social web, but that’s okay. The strategy works like a charm and that’s why Quora is a huge, massive business.

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