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Your first 1,000 visitors are the most crucial. Everyone says when you start up a website, it’s easy to get your first few visitors. And that’s true. But it’s not easy to get your first 1,000 visitors. Heck, it’s actually harder to get your first 1,000 visitors than it is to get your first 10,000 visitors. Today I’m going to share how you get your first 1,000 visitors without spending money.


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Step 1: Identify your target audience.

Where are people who you want to target? Where do they hang out? What kind of content do they read? What are their interests? What are their fears? What are their goals, their motivation? What’s their typical age?

Step 2: Identify what your ideal audience wants.

Now that you know them, I want you to go to Amazon, find books within your niche, that people are writing about and look at the two and three star reviews.

The reason you’ll look at the two and three star reviews, is people are usually complaining about what that book is missing. People only will leave a comment and share that and rate it really bad if they truly feel that something’s missing that’s important.
That helps you figure out what people really want within your space.

Step 3: Create the most epic, mind-blowing resource on one of these topics.

Create a bullet list point, right? Every single idea that you got from your research as it relates, you want to create a list and figure out, all right this is what I’m going to cover into this topic. This is what everyone wants to know. Then, go to Ubersuggest and look at the content ideas report. When you’re in Ubersuggest, you’re putting those key words in within your space.

Step 4: Pick something that isn’t popular in all of those categories.

You can’t just rely on SEO traffic. You got to now look at referral traffic and social. That’s why you have to look at all of that. You want to bullet out all the ideas. Go through what are these pieces missing that they haven’t covered? How can I make something better?

Go read the comments on these blog posts. What are people complaining about? What are people recommending?

The reason being is eight out of 10 people will read your headline, but only two out of 10 will click through and read the rest. Now of course, you’re not going to use 25 headlines.

The reason you have 25 is, you want to eliminate 20 that you think are shitty or mediocre. You want to take the best five and then cross source your headlines.

So you go to your favorite Facebook group in your niche, you do a poll, you ask everyone, hey, which headline do you think is the most appealing? Get their opinions. Pick the one that has the highest votes.

Now, of course, if you have a better way of modifying it, feel free to do that. But usually, you got your winner if that’s what everyone tells you, that that’s a winner.

Now of course, you’ve created your content, you’ve gotten your headline, you’ve published it. You want to then create a gated content upgrade. That’ll get you hundreds of social shares.

That’s the next step. When you create the gated content to get you the social shares, you do this by offering a PDF, a ebook, a crash course, complimentary resource, and if you’re on Word Press, you can use OnePress Social Locker.

That way, if people want that free ebook or guide, they have to share your content to get it.

Step 5: Use your epic content as a promotion opportunity.

See, when you write this content, you may be getting ideas from other places, other people’s blogs.

Link out to them. Let them know that you linked out to them and ask them to share your content. Ask them to link back to you. When you do this, you’ll get more traffic.

Typically, if you ask for a share, it’s easier and you’ll get a higher take rate than if you ask for a link back. Link back helps you with referral traffic and search rankings in the long run.

Step 6:Have push notifications enabled on your site.

That way, when people opt in through the push notification and you create a new blog post, you can send a blast out to all of them and get those people back. You can do the same thing with Mobile Monkey for Facebook Messenger.

You can do the same thing for Hello Bar for email capture.

That way you can re-market to those people and continue marketing to get them back to buy your products and services.

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