How To Grow Your IG Followers Fast – Module 2 – Lesson 2 – Instagram Unlocked

Today I’m going to be going over Instagram Marketing Hacks.

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Hack number one, understanding user engagement. Engagement and community. Look, the algorithm bumps posts from accounts that users interact with.

This means for creators that are focusing on engagement and community, it’s the key factors to succeeding and examples of this is if you’re going to get a lot of comments, if you’re going to get a lot of swipes, when you’re using carousel images and you’re having multiple images in one post, that’s all examples of engagement, or even if you have a video and someone watches the whole video, whether it’s on IG TV or your profile, or someone just watches two seconds.

Now, with their algorithm there’s a few things that you can do to also help boost your engagement.

You can tag people in posts. You can leave comments. And as I mentioned, comment replies.

Now, apart from Instagram algorithm, you’ll get three to five X higher engagement from your post in the long run. If you respond to comments because it shows people you care.

Some other hacks that you can follow. If you look at my Instagram profile image, I put a border around my image and it causes more people to click on it. And that’s worked really well.

You can do captioned breakdowns on videos because not everyone has their audio turned on.

You can use emojis to make your posts more interactive and you can use the habit check generator,

The second hack I have for you is working with influencers.

And a lot of people also do giveaways, which has helped them boost their engagement as well. Instagram allows you to do giveaways that you can offer something for free in exchange for a like, or a comment or any predetermined requirement. And it’s helped a lot of people grow their profiles.

Hack number three, I want to go over content strategies with the most engagement.

So what’s new? Well, Instagram Stickers. You want to check those out. Instagram challenges, memes, augmented reality. These are all things that you could be leveraging that a lot of people aren’t.

Hack number four, Instagram Ads. Ads are very effective.

Set up an ad, select the objective, targeted audience and ad format within the ads manager. As I mentioned, you can start with a low budget, publish it and you’re off to the races.

Another thing that you want to do is try to get on the Instagram explore page. When you do this is a great place to get more and more people, this is where users engage with your posts, your content, find you.

Now the next hack is turning followers into customers. You can turn your Instagram profile into a store, brand your Instagram with, you know, your fitting profile, your Avatar posts and everything for recognition.

I want you to tag your products in your posts, provide contact information and promote your post as well. Cause if you do this, you’ll start getting more and more sales over time. It’s simple, but it really does work. Now, if you want to drive on-site sales look include the link in your bio. When you do this, people will click on it. You’ll get some sales from that.

So when it comes to making offers, you could consider offering promotions or exclusive offers just for your Instagram followers. And of course, boost the post to get more engagements, strengthen your customer relationships.

Respond to every single comment as well. You can also sell on your feed and you can do this by responding to notifications and shout outs from your followers. Again you want to post consistently.

So for action items for you go to, click on “Instagram unlocked” go to week two, lesson two, and you can download the Instagram engagement ad. Guys sorry about that and the Instagram ad resources. So both of those guides will help you out. And the one on the ad resources, we’ll break down how to set up and optimize your ads step-by-step. It’s super effective.

And I can’t wait for the next lesson because we’re going to teach how to get the results faster and help you get to the a hundred thousand follower account.

Just make sure you use these hacks cause they do work. If you use them, you’ll see results. If you don’t you, of course won’t.

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